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Welcome to the Arlen Hill citizens’ panel!

The council has made a commitment to proactively listening to residents’ input and offering better, easier ways for people to get involved. We want you to have an active role in shaping the way services are delivered, and the citizens’ panel is one way you can do so.

This page contains information on how to register and take part, as well as outcomes of decisions our panel members helped us with.

What is a Citizens' Panel?

A citizens’ panel is a group of local people who agree to take part in specific engagement activities and consultations. The idea is to hear from as broad a range of people as possible so that the council can make decisions that benefit everyone, not just those with the loudest voices. For this reason, the council selects the members to ensure the panel is representative of the area’s population.

The Arlen Hill citizens’ panel is made up of about 1500 members. They take part in roughly three online surveys and one in-person forum per year. If you’re interested in being a part of it, you can register below. We’re particularly keen to hear from young people from all demographics, so if you’re aged 16-30 we’d love to have you on board.

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Our Citizen's 2019 Panel has been invaluable since the start. Their feedback has been rich, insightful and has pushed the council to challenge old ways of thinking. With their help, we've made some big changes and improvements to how we deliver for all of Arlen Hill.
Engagement and Insights Manager, Arlen Hill
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Your impact

Here are just a few of the decisions and changes we made after receiving feedback from our Citizens' Panel.

Arlen Hill leisure centre

After hearing your feedback on whether you'd support reducing the leisure centre’s opening hours to save on costs, we hae decided to change the opening hours from 07:00 - 16:00 to 07:00 - 14:00.

Making Arlen Hill safer

After hearing about which areas you think could be made safer in the borough, we are now installing more street lights, and sending out more community liaison workers to the areas where you feel most unsafe.

Food waste collections

Following on from recent feedback about how we can improve our bin service, we have changed the design on our bins which now show a list of the contents that should go inside.

Open Activities

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