Parking and traffic regulation consultations

Arlen Hill needs to make a lot of decisions about changes to the roads. By law, each change to the roads - such as new road markings, installing an on-street electric vehicle charge point or changing the speed limit - needs to be accompanied by its own consultation, so that people can agree or object to the proposals.

We’ve put them all together on this page, so you can have your say on any traffic decisions that affect you.

How do traffic changes get made?

The traffic regulation process is complicated. Maria Walden, Head of Traffic and Highways Maintenance at Arlen Hill, explains how it all works and why it’s important to hear from residents.

Open Parking & Traffic Consultations

Share your views on our open traffic activities.

Nelson Street permanent measures

In 2020, due to COVID-19, the council implemented temporary measures on Nelson Street to create space for social distancing, improve facilities for walking and cycling in the area and to reduce the amount of cut-through traffic. Tell us whether you think these measures should be made permanent.

Closes 28 March 2025

Morningside Drive Bus Gate - Proposal to extend operational times

We are seeking your views regarding our proposal to extend the operational hours of the Morningside Drive bus gate. This forms part of a broader project to improve the Arlen Fields low traffic neighbourhood (LTN).

Closes 27 March 2026

SEALED ORDER DOCUMENTS - M215 Worksop to Blyth - 40mph Speed Limit

The lower speed limit has been introduced as part of an accident reduction scheme. The...

Closes 27 March 2026

Reynolds Road - Proposed prohibited left and right turns

It is proposed to introduce a left and right turn prohibition at the new staggered...

Closes 27 March 2026

Smallville High Street - installation of three EV charge points

We are proposing the installation of three Electric Vehicle charge points along...

Closes 27 March 2026

Your impact

Here are some traffic decisions we made based on your contributions and feedback.

20mph limit on Broad Street

After hearing your feedback on whether you would you support the creation of a 20mph zone along Broad St, we have decided to implement a 20mph zone along a section of Broad St to ensure children and pedestrians can get about safely.

Resident-only parking

We heard you feedback on wanting the creation of a parking scheme in Arlen Hill. The new parking zone will become effective in July 2023.

Cycle lane along High Street

We asked you whether the temporary cycle lane along the High Street should be made permanent and heard your comments about it creating a number of hazards. So, we will make the cycle route permanent but only in sections of the High Street that don’t cause hazards.